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Area codes are essential in the world of telecommunications, helping us identify the geographic location of a phone number. One such code, area code 845, carries its own unique significance. In this article, we’ll delve into the details of “Area 845 Location,” exploring where it’s located, its history, and frequently asked questions surrounding this particular area code.

Understanding Area Code 845

Area Code 845 Location: Area code 845 covers a specific region in the state of New York, USA. It is situated in the eastern part of New York, serving several counties within the state.

Area Code 845 Location: A Closer Look

Area Code 845 Location encompasses the following counties within New York:

  • Dutchess County: Located in the southeastern part of New York, Dutchess County is known for its scenic landscapes, historic sites, and vibrant communities.
  • Orange County: Situated in the Hudson Valley, Orange County boasts a rich history and is home to picturesque towns and villages.
  • Putnam County: Nestled between Dutchess and Westchester counties, Putnam County is known for its natural beauty and outdoor recreational opportunities.
  • Rockland County: Located along the Hudson River, Rockland County offers a blend of suburban living and natural beauty.
  • Sullivan County: Sullivan County is situated in the Catskills region, known for its rural charm and outdoor activities.
  • Ulster County: Located in the Hudson Valley, Ulster County is renowned for its cultural attractions and scenic landscapes.

FAQs: Area Code 845 Location Explained

1. What is the history of area code 845?

Area Code 845 Location was created as part of a split from area code 914 in 2000. The split was necessary due to the increasing demand for phone numbers in the region. This division helped manage the growing telecommunications needs of the area.

2. Which major cities or towns are covered by area code 845?

Area code 845 primarily covers towns and communities in the Hudson Valley and Catskills regions of New York. While it doesn’t include major cities like New York City or Albany, it serves a significant portion of the state’s suburban and rural areas.

3. Are there any upcoming changes to area code 845?

As of the last update in 2000, there have been no significant changes or splits announced for area code 845. However, it’s always advisable to stay informed about potential updates from telecommunications authorities.

4. Can I keep my current phone number if I move within area code 845?

Yes, in most cases, you can keep your current phone number if you move within the same area code, including area code 845. This process, known as number portability, allows you to maintain your existing phone number even if you change service providers.

5. How do I dial phone numbers within area code 845?

To call a local number within area code 845, simply dial the seven-digit number. To make long-distance calls within the United States, dial 1 followed by the area code and the seven-digit number (e.g., 1-845-XXX-XXXX).


Area code 845, nestled in the picturesque landscapes of New York’s Hudson Valley and Catskills regions, serves a diverse and vibrant community. Understanding the geographic location and history of area code 845 is essential, whether you’re a resident, visitor, or just curious about the world of telecommunications. As technology continues to evolve, area codes like 845 remain integral to our daily lives, connecting us to the people and places that matter most.

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