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Jeannie Mai, a multifaceted star known for her charm, wit, and talent, has captivated audiences for years. Many wonder about the age of this remarkable personality, as she continues to shine in various facets of the entertainment industry. In this article, we’ll explore Jeannie Mai Age, shedding light on the timeless beauty and achievements of this versatile star.

Who is Jeannie Mai?

Before we dive into her age, let’s get to know the woman behind the spotlight. Jeannie Mai, born on January 4, 1979, in San Jose, California, is a well-known television host, fashion expert, and media personality. She has made her mark in various entertainment spheres, including hosting, fashion, and philanthropy.

Jeannie Mai’s Career Highlights:

Jeannie Mai Age career is marked by her diverse talents and experiences in the world of entertainment. Her journey includes several key milestones:

  • Fashion Expert: Jeannie is renowned for her expertise in fashion, having hosted the makeover show “How Do I Look?” on the Style Network. Her sense of style and fashion insights have made her a respected figure in the industry.
  • Television Host: Jeannie has hosted numerous TV shows, including “The Real,” a popular daytime talk show, where she co-hosted alongside other talented women. Her vibrant personality and candid discussions contributed to the show’s success.
  • Philanthropy: Beyond the screen, Jeannie is actively involved in philanthropic efforts, supporting various causes, including girls’ education and the fight against human trafficking.
  • Competitive Dancing: Jeannie Mai showcased her dancing skills in the 2020 season of “Dancing with the Stars,” winning the hearts of viewers with her performances.

How Old is Jeannie Mai?

Jeannie Mai was born on January 4, 1979. As of [current date], Jeannie Mai Age years old. Her youthful appearance and timeless beauty have led many to question her age, as she continues to make a mark in the entertainment industry.

FAQs about Jeannie Mai Age:

Q1: How does Jeannie Mai maintain her youthful appearance? A1: Jeannie Mai credits her radiant appearance to a combination of a healthy lifestyle, skincare regimen, and a positive outlook on life.

Q2: What are some of Jeannie Mai’s recent career projects? A2: Jeannie Mai continues to be active in the entertainment industry, hosting and appearing on various shows, podcasts, and red carpet events.

Q3: How did Jeannie Mai’s career in fashion influence her public image? A3: Jeannie Mai’s expertise in fashion and style has not only shaped her public image but also earned her respect as a fashion influencer.

Q4: What philanthropic causes is Jeannie Mai involved in? A4: Jeannie Mai is involved in various philanthropic efforts, with a focus on girls’ education and the fight against human trafficking.

Q5: What is Jeannie Mai’s approach to personal growth and self-confidence? A5: Jeannie Mai emphasizes the importance of self-acceptance, self-love, and embracing one’s individuality as keys to personal growth and self-confidence.


Jeannie Mai Age, the versatile star with timeless beauty and talent, continues to impress and inspire audiences in the world of entertainment. At [age] years old, her achievements in fashion, television, and philanthropy reflect her dedication to making a positive impact on the world. As she gracefully ages, Jeannie Mai’s journey serves as a reminder that age is but a number, and a passionate spirit can achieve greatness at any stage of life.

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