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When it comes to Hollywood success stories, few are as fascinating and captivating as that of Lala Kent Net Worth. From reality TV star to businesswoman extraordinaire, Lala has managed to carve out her own unique path in the entertainment industry. And along the way, she’s accumulated quite the fortune. So today, we’re going to dive deep into the world of Lala Kent net worth and explore just how this talented entrepreneur made her money. Get ready for a thrilling ride filled with glitz, glamour, and a whole lot of hustle! Let’s get started!

How Lala Kent Net Worth Money

Lala Kent Net Worth to financial success is nothing short of impressive. While she first gained recognition as a cast member on the hit reality show Vanderpump Rules, Lala didn’t stop there. She used her platform and entrepreneurial spirit to launch her own brand and business ventures.

One of the key sources of Lala’s wealth comes from her successful beauty line, Give Them Lala Beauty. With a focus on high-quality cosmetics that empower women, Lala has created a loyal following that eagerly snatches up her products. From lip glosses to eyeshadow palettes, Give Them Lala Beauty offers an array of luxurious makeup items.

But it doesn’t end there for this savvy businesswoman. In addition to her beauty line, Lala has also dipped her toes into the world of fashion by launching her own clothing line called “Give Them Lala x Shop Personal.” This collaboration showcases trendy and stylish pieces that reflect Lala’s unique sense of fashion.

Lala Kent’s Net Worth:

Lala Kent, the reality TV star and entrepreneur, has built quite a fortune over the years. With her captivating persona and business ventures, it’s no surprise that she boasts an impressive net worth.

One of the main sources of Lala Kent’s wealth comes from her appearance on the hit reality TV show “Vanderpump Rules.” The show not only propelled her into the limelight but also opened doors for various brand endorsements and sponsorships. Through these opportunities, she was able to increase her income significantly.

In addition to her television career, Lala is also involved in several entrepreneurial endeavors. She launched her own makeup line called “Give Them Lala Beauty,” which offers a range of high-quality beauty products. This venture has undoubtedly contributed to expanding her net worth.

Furthermore, Lala Kent invests in real estate properties as part of her financial portfolio. By diversifying her investments, she continues to grow both personally and financially.

How Lala Kent Spends Her Money

Lala Kent, known for her captivating appearances on the hit reality show Vanderpump Rules, has amassed quite a fortune over the years. With a net worth of $2 million, it’s no surprise that she enjoys indulging in some lavish spending.

One of Lala’s favorite ways to treat herself is through fashion. She is often seen rocking designer clothes and accessories, never shying away from splurging on high-end brands like Gucci and Louis Vuitton. Whether it’s a glamorous red carpet event or just a casual outing with friends, Lala always manages to look stylish and put together.

In addition to her love for fashion, Lala also enjoys pampering herself with beauty treatments. From regular spa visits to luxurious skincare products, she believes in investing in self-care. After all, looking good comes at a price!

What Does the Future Hold for Lala Kent Net Worth?

The future of Lala Kent’s net worth holds tremendous potential and exciting opportunities. As a multi-talented individual, she has proven her versatility in various industries, from reality television to music and entrepreneurship.

With her continued success on the hit show Vanderpump Rules, Lala has solidified herself as a fan favorite and gained a massive following. This popularity not only increases her visibility but also opens doors for lucrative brand collaborations and endorsement deals.

Additionally, Lala’s ventures outside of reality TV have contributed to her growing net worth. Her foray into the music industry has been well-received, with several successful singles under her belt. As she continues to hone her musical talents and explore new avenues within the industry, it is likely that this will further boost her financial standing.

Moreover, Lala’s entrepreneurial spirit is evident in her beauty line called Give Them Lala Beauty. With an array of high-quality cosmetic products that cater to diverse needs and preferences, this venture has the potential to become a significant source of income for years to come.


In this captivating journey through Lala Kent’s net worth, we have explored how she managed to build her fortune and the various avenues that contributed to her success. From her breakthrough on reality television to her entrepreneurial ventures, Lala has proven herself as a multifaceted talent.

With an estimated net worth of $2 million, Lala Kent has solidified herself as a prominent figure in the entertainment industry. Her income streams from acting, modeling, music, and endorsement deals have all played a crucial role in accumulating her wealth.

When it comes to spending her hard-earned money, Lala enjoys indulging in luxurious experiences such as traveling to exotic destinations and pampering herself with designer fashion items. She is also known for supporting philanthropic causes close to her heart.

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