While it’s essential to maintain an optimistic outlook and pray for success, you may wonder what more you can do to bring more calm and happiness into your life. The Indian architectural style known as vastu has a long and storied history. Vastu-science is based on the premise that there are many different kinds of energies in the world, including solar and heavenly ones. The secret to bringing prosperity and happiness to you and your loved ones is finding a way to strike a balance between these forces.

Using the principles of geometry and space, Vastu may help you make your home feel more peaceful and harmonious. It’s an essential part of turning your dwelling into a comfortable home. When a home is built according to Vastu principles, evil spirits cannot enter. The situation is similar when settling into a new home. For a “Vastu-touch,” all you need is the best astrologerand a few minor adjustments to the furniture and lighting.

The following suggestions can help you transform your “home” into the perfect “place of residence.”

Living Room

To all the energy that finds its way into your home, this is the one open area where they can play. This is because the living room is a common gathering place for friends, relatives, and extended family members, all of whom can bring positive and negative vibes into the space. It’s important to keep only good vibes within the home.

According to the principles of Vastu, the host should always greet visitors by facing north or east. In addition, visitors should sit across from the host. An easy way to accomplish this is simply rearranging the seating. In addition, the south, the direction of the fire, must be faced by all electronic devices. This will invite only the healthiest, most beneficial energy into your home.


The bedroom is the most private and sacred space in any home, requiring constant upkeep to maintain a healthy energy field. The online vastu consultant recommends keeping your bedroom door open at most ninety percent. It helps spread good vibes and elevates the atmosphere. Keep your head facing south when you sleep; doing so will help you feel more relaxed and refreshed in the morning. Reduce the number of things you keep in your bedroom to the bare minimum.


According to the principles of Vastu, the “Southwest” corner of a building is the optimal location for a kitchen. Another option is the “Northwest” corner, which is also quite serviceable. It is recommended that all cooking appliances be oriented toward the south and the drinking water supply be kept toward the northeast. The kitchen and the bedroom should be located as far apart as feasible due to the vastly different energies they generate.

Sacred Space

One of a home’s most sacred and auspicious rooms is the Pooja room, where rituals and ceremonies are performed. A Pooja room is similar to a home’s motor, moving and revolving different energies throughout the dwelling. So, giving the Pooja room’s layout and design some extra thought is crucial.

According to Vastu, the most beneficial and promising location for a Pooja room is the northeast corner of your home. It is ideal for installing it in the northeast corner of the house, but the east or west sides are also acceptable alternatives. Once the Pooja room has been designed according to Vastu principles, it will radiate positive energy and promote peace throughout the home.

Money Box

The circulation of money is the motor that drives the global economy. It directly affects social standing and success, harmony, and abundance. According to Vastu, the placement of the cash box is crucial to ensuring a steady income stream. The southwest corner or the southern wall of a room is the ideal spot for a cash safe. Keep in mind that the locker door needs to swing to the north. This is due to the widespread belief that Lord Kuber resides in the Arctic Circle. The loving God refills the locker whenever you open it in the Lord’s direction.

The Placement Justice

According to Vastu-Shastra, your building’s location is of utmost importance. Each room has been strategically placed by Vastu principles to take advantage of the harmonious fusion of positive energy. This means, for instance, that the front door should be oriented toward the east, where the Sun rises. You must let the light in if you want good vibes to fill your home.

For maximum efficiency, a kitchen should be oriented so that the chef faces east. This arrangement is the simplest means to achieve joy. Bedrooms must be located in the southwest corners, while bathrooms must be positioned in the northwest corners.


It can be time-consuming, complex, or even impossible to implement every single recommendation made by the Vastu Shastra. However, it would help if you didn’t worry about it. These recommendations are meant more as suggestions than as hard and fast rules. As far as Vastu is concerned, the advice of the vastu experts is typically constructive for a joyful family life and a prosperous future.

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