What enhypen members age?

K-pop has taken the world by storm, with its flashy music videos and talented performers. One of the newest groups to make their debut is Enhypen, a seven-member boy band that was formed through a survival show called “I-LAND.” Fans are already obsessed with their catchy tunes and impressive dance moves, but many are curious about one important detail – how old are these rising stars? In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at the ages of Enhypen’s members and see how they compare to other K-pop groups enhypen members age. Let’s dive in!

Who are the members of enhypen?

Enhypen is a seven-member K-pop group that was formed through the survival show “I-LAND,” which aired in 2020. The members of Enhypen are Heeseung, Jay, Jake, Sunghoon, Sunoo, Jungwon, and Ni-Ki.

Heeseung is the leader of Enhypen and also one of the main vocalists. He has been training for four years before joining the group and amazed audiences with his powerful voice during “I-LAND.”

Jay is another main vocalist in Enhypen. Before becoming an idol trainee he was already active as a street performer. His passion for music shows through his performances on stage.

Jake is a rapper in Enhypen who grew up in Australia but moved to South Korea to pursue his dream of becoming an idol. His skills as a versatile rapper have garnered him attention from fans all over the world.

Sunghoon’s specialty lies within dancing where he showcases his unique style on stage as well as being one of their lead vocals alongside Jay and Heeseung.

Sunoo is known for being energetic on stage while still delivering smooth vocals with ease. Sunoo’s upbeat personality makes him stand out among other idols even more so when performing on variety shows with enhypen members age!

Jungwon showed outstanding leadership skills during I-Land making it no surprise that he now holds one position amongst two leaders yet still manages to be one of their most valuable vocalists!

Ni-Ki stands out among other members due to being born later than others making him only 15 at debut! Despite this age gap however Ni-Ki quickly proved himself worthy due to his incredible dance skills ranging from popping & locking to freestyling!

How old are they?

Enhypen is a new K-pop group that debuted in November 2020, but despite their young age, they have already achieved great success. The seven members of Enhypen are Sunghoon, Heeseung, Jay, Jake, Jungwon, Ni-ki and Sunoo.

Sunghoon was born on February 6th, 2005 which makes him the youngest member of the group at just sixteen years old. On the other hand, Jake was born on November 15th ,1997 making him the oldest member at twenty-four years old.

The average age for Enhypen is around nineteen years old with five members being nineteen or older and two being younger than nineteen. This puts them on par with many other popular K-pop groups such as BTS who also have an average age of around nineteen.

It’s not uncommon for K-pop groups to consist of young members as this often allows them to connect better with their target audience which largely consists of teenagers and young adults in enhypen members age.

Despite their youthfulness though it’s clear that Enhypen has what it takes to succeed in the highly competitive world of K-pop music!

What is their average age?

Enhypen is a K-pop group that was formed through the survival reality show “I-LAND” in 2020. The group consists of seven members from different parts of the world, including Japan, China, Australia, and Korea. As for their ages, Enhypen’s members are relatively young compared to other K-pop groups.

The oldest member of Enhypen is Jungwon who was born on February 9th, 2004. He is currently 17 years old and serves as the leader and main vocalist of the group. Meanwhile, Sunghoon was born on December 8th enhypen members age, 2005 making him one year younger than Jungwon.

Jay who was born on April 20th, 2002 being older than both Sungchul (born September 6th in 2002) and Jake (born November 15th in 2002). Their maknae Ni-ki who was born on December 9th in 2005 making him only sixteen years old.

Enhypen has an average age of around seventeen which falls within a typical range for rookie K-pop groups. Despite their youthfulness however they have been able to showcase remarkable talent since their debut.

How does this compare to other K-pop groups?

When it comes to K-pop groups, age ranges can vary widely depending on the group. Some groups have members in their teens while others may have members in their late twenties or thirties. In comparison, Enhypen is a relatively young group.

While age may not necessarily correlate with success in K-pop, it does often play a role in how long a group will be active for before disbandment or hiatuses occur. Nonetheless, Enhypen’s youthful energy brings something fresh to K-pop that fans seem to enjoy.


Enhypen is a relatively new K-pop group that has gained a lot of attention and popularity in a short amount of time. The members’ ages range from 17 to 20 years old, with an average age of 18.7 years old. Compared to other K-pop groups who often have older members or larger age ranges enhypen members age, Enhypen’s youthful energy and fresh perspective make them stand out in the industry.

While their youth may lead some to underestimate them, Enhypen has proven themselves as talented performers and musicians through their successful debut album “BORDER: DAY ONE”. As they continue to grow and develop as artists, it will be exciting to see what they bring next.

Knowing the ages of each member can help fans get a better understanding of who they are following. And for those curious about Enhypen’s age range compared to other K-pop groups, it shows that talent doesn’t always come with experience or seniority. With hard work and dedication, anything is possible – even for young idols like Enhypen!

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